Saturday, January 21, 2012

Hairpin Lace Scarf Project

Every new project is a journey. After working on this particular one, I believe it even more. I had never tried hairpin lace before and was thrilled to pick up the loom and give it a whirl. 

My pattern came from the very amazing crochet book:

You can also find this wonderful pattern on the Stitch Diva website. 

I found some of my most basic information on how to start this project on YouTube. 

This video really broke everything down to the basics, so I could quickly do the hairpin lace portion.

Then I started on the edging instructions and just about freaked out. I was doing fine on row one. My hook was too big, but well, it was going great until ROW TWO. (insert corny doom music). Wow. After about ripped out much of my hair, I contacted some lovely folks on Ravelry and Facebook and went to knitting class, book and project in hand. 

My wonderful knitting class mentor Mary suggested I get a smaller hook and helped me to work through some of the instructions. My new Ravelry friends meanwhile had been dissecting the instructions from what they remembered about their own experiences with this project and were able to give me something for someone in my stage of learning. Boy, did I learn a lot on this project. Crochet directions without the chart are kind of like algebra. I bet you can't guess how good I was at that? (insert snorts of laughter here.) 

Anyhow...With the patience of my new friend Lisa, who literally transcribed the pattern line by line, I finished the scarf for my mother tonight. She is turning 70 at the end of this month and I wanted to show her my progress from knitting with baseball bats (as she calls them) to crocheting with a size E and not gauging out  my eyeballs with it. (mostly).

So, in conclusion. I have learned this today...

Crochet charts are good. Written instructions begin to resemble algebra problems to the inexperienced eye and do just about the same thing to my mental state.

Have chocolate nearby.

Ravelry is your friend. Bless you ladies! Mwah!!!

Hairpin lace is actually non-scary and totally easy. It's the edging that might get you.

Team efforts work. Yes, yes they do. Thank goodness for knitting class.

Victory is possible when it comes down to making it for your Mama.