Friday, February 25, 2011

Follow Friday and Blogger Hop

Hello fellow knitters. Today we are participating in the Follow Friday Blogger Hop. If you are a blogger, pop over to the sites of our two hosts. Http:// and Http://  to find out more about the featured blog of the week.

Questions for this week:

What is your favorite TV show?

Do you like the name of your blog?

Let me start with the first one.

Currently, this is my favorite show that is on the air. I also love Dexter and The Walking Dead. Hawaii 5.0 is great too.

The name of this blog was a tough one. I think sometimes I wish I had chosen something a little shorter. You never realize how long it is until you have to write it several times for publishers or to enter it in linky lists for memes like this one. :)

Still, I am very glad that this blog is here. I love to meet with all of you and share my love of knitting and crochet. The more I do it, the better I am getting and the more fun it is.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you will stay a  moment to leave a comment or two.

Best in knitting,


In my mailbox this week.

Includes 20 patterns for the most adorable monsters. Each stuffie comes with instructions and how-to photos, and is as easy to knit as a hat. All are shown in two colorways, and most done in two weights, to pick the perfect yarn for their monster's personality.(Goodreads)

This book looks great with it's cute mini monsters. I can't wait to try my hand at some monster knitting!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Crochet symbols

I don't know about you, but that just gives me hives. Really. I am learning to crochet, but the thought of evening trying to figure that out gives me a full on migraine. But, I may have found us all a splendid solution. No, it doesn't include flinging your crochet hook across the room and hiding under the closest quilt. Nope. Just head over to this wonderful site- and she has a great tutorial to help all of us learn how to read these daunting instructions.

There are lots of other bits of helpful info too. :) A regular treasure trove. So check it out! You will love it!



My first pink cupcake.

I have started making my first cupcake scarf. Happily, I was able to go to knitting class yesterday and the extremely wonderful Mary Sikes helped me work my way through the directions for the pink frosting part of the cupcake. Now I have to make 18 of them. I can do it! Then I have the bottom part of the cupcake and the cherries to go on top. Maybe some sprinkles too. Hmmm. This will be fun. Between this and the Ami Ami Dogs, I should be set for cuteness. :) Will keep you posted on the progress.
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Ami Ami Dogs

 This is one of the newest books I have had to sacrifice my coffee money for. Let me tell you, it was worth it. These little cuties are so adorable! Single crochet most of the way and on the tiniest hook. I am testing my beginner crochet skills to make something in 3-d, but can't wait to finish one so I can show you how it looks. There will be four books in this series. This is the first one.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Follow Friday and Blogger Hop

Good evening everyone. Welcome to another Follow Friday. The featured blog on this week's Follow Friday is:

To find out more, visit our hostess's blog: and also pop over to to meet some other excellent bloggers. I love Follow Fridays. The perfect opportunity to meet some new book loving friends.

Question of the week:

Have you ever read science fiction? If so, what is your favorite book? To see my answer, visit my main blog:

Thanks for stopping by. Please leave a comment and share some love. Hope you become a follower and come and visit once and awhile. Tell me what you are reading and what project you are working on.



Thursday, February 10, 2011

A Beautiful Mess features Twinkie Chan and some really sparkly crochet hooks

If you want a fun project, head over to A Beautiful Mess for a visit with the amazing Twinkie Chan and her sparkling crochet hooks.

So much fun and sparkly!!!

Twinkie Chan visits Cupcakes Take the Cake

Twinkie Chan

I came across this amazing designer today on the Cupcakes Take the Cake blog and just fell in love with her work. Cupcakes!!!! Click on her name above to get the complete article.

Which one is your favorite? I am having trouble deciding.

A coffee warmer. Awesome!!!

If you want to know more about this amazing crochet artist, check her out on Twitter, Facebook and her website and blog. Click the link above for the original article from the wonderful Cupcakes Take the Cake. She has a new book out and a shop on Etsy. Her designs are original and fun. The perfect way to make a dull winter's day fun. I want to make the cupcake scarf!